Martin Lukačka

“… try to absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is essentially your own.” By BRUCE LEE


When I am looking for inspiration, I start drawing – anything. I have enjoyed this since I was a child, when I drew my first ground plans. Aged 15, I tried designing a house, which I got so excited about that, in the end, I decided to study architecture. During my studies I came across related disciplines – art, graphics and interior design – which I also gained practical experience of. What I love most, however, is product design: for not being elusive and for the possibility to give shape even to the finest of details.

Projects I am proud of:

  • Design concept and realization of the ‘Brooch’ wall decoration for Euroluce 2015
  • Ice Bar Amundsen – interior design
  • Hockey Center shop at a winter stadium in Bratislava – interior design
  • Volkswagen conference – event interior design
  • Museum of Contemporary Art and Architecture – student project