Jiří Krišica

“Forming light out of glass is a symbol of eternity.”


What fascinates me about working with glass is the proportion of manual work, which is still significant. It requires fine craftsmanship and precision of a master glass-maker. At a time of machines and robots, these skills are becoming increasingly rare. My family roots go back to North Bohemia, where the craft of glass-making is passed from generation to generation. I also follow in our family tradition of cutters, engravers and miniature makers. I like to notice details around me since they provide me with endless inspiration for creating glowing works of art.

Projects I am proud of:

  • Concept of a flying air purifier, or ‘Airbee’, for the 2013 Electrolux Design Lab competition – shortlisted among the TOP 50 entries worldwide
  • Presenting ‘Aeon’, a lamp made of glass, at Prague Design Week 2014. The design was inspired by the life cycle of glass: from the first bulb-shaped scoop on a blowpipe, to shards, where the latter serve as a shade and bring light into play.