W Suzhou

Jiangsu, China

W Suzhou hotel

The Properties W Hotels opened its newest addition on the banks of Jinji Lake. Professionals agree that the W Suzhou Hotel is the novel centerpiece of urban architecture and design in the city. The hotel embodies a modern take on the local architectural heritage with a design story inspired by the region’s deep connection to nature, especially the historic city’s UNESCO-listed classical gardens. 

Entering W Suzhou, the guests will step into a magical world merging contemporary art with the poetic Suzhou style.The Living Room, as the lobby is pertinently named, constitutes a place to unwind and socialize. It is adorned by our design pieces from the Giant Jewelry collection. Our original futuristic wall decoration “Brooch” was created by combining traditional hand blowing with the state-of-the-art 2D CNC machines. For the needs of this particular space, we have transformed it into a suspended installation. Its pyramids have become a dominating feature and a spectacular mirror of the entire interior.In the words of the designer, Martin Lukačka: “Visually, I wanted to take an entirely different route. This is why I designed artwork that blends technical and decorative features. I applied vacuum plating to achieve attractive metallic colors. Given that the plated layers are translucent, the lighting installation looks different on and off.”


The designer Katarina Kotuláčová devised an oeuvre formed of prisms, enlivening the Spanish bar/restaurant. Another sculpture by Sans Souci, made of compendious bars, embellishes the premises of the serviced apartments entrance lobby.

Learn more about our Giant Jewelry collection, jewels of the interior refined by surface glazing and metallic colors, here.