Switzerland, 2019


Widenmoos: An exceptional place where personalities from economy, politics and society encounter. A place that combines networking with pleasure. A place where the first chapter of success stories is written, again and again in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. For more than 25 years it forms a remarkable meeting spot, holiday lifestyle, arts and design in mutual respect with encircled Swiss nature.

Owned by the Bühler family, Widenmoos continues its success since 1992, and with a recent renovation, Sans Souci took a part of the lighting design.

Inspired by the surrounding refreshing nature our designers, together with Carbone Design, outlined sets of lighting designs in the lobby, meeting rooms and large dining parlour.

Symphony in new

For the first time, our popular Symphony components were used in a chandelier style set up, as well as wall scones in the garden room. These refined crystal tubes are a combination of metal coating and cutting, which, by themselves, are two commonly used techniques. However, with this new unusual combination a unique diamond pattern was created. A large oval display of Symphony components adore the main lobby welcoming guests.

Meet the Pebbles

Reminiscent of running water of the Swiss mountains, fine glass Pebbles were installed on the ceiling. These clear crystal spheres with green molten glass fragments inside evoke the freshness of running water.

The Antlers

A tranquil stroll through a lush forest reveals a fresh new installation of one of our latest components Antlers in the main dining parlour. This vast installing spreads along the ceiling translating this splendid naturalness into a glamorous lighting artwork. The characteristic shapes in clear crystal variation accentuate the magnificence of this elegant animal.