W Dubai – The Palm

UAE, 2019

W Dubai – The Palm

The newly opened W Dubai hotel resort located at Dubai’s most iconic destination The Palm is a new home for a large scale of Sans Souci lightings. An extraordinary place where lighting design, architecture and technology meet.

In cooperation with a world-renowned architecture and design company DWP, our designers installed 6 various lighting projects in Atrium, W Lounge, meeting room and the breathtaking AWAY Spa.

Entering the main Atrium hall, you will be amazed by a large pyramid bar construction composed of dozens glass pyramids with a metallic nano-coating finish reminding of a mirror glass. These miscellaneous pieces of glass in pyramid shape is a light on its own, as well as it reflects and absorbs surrounding light reflecting the mirror effect throughout the overall setting. Using various shapes and sizes of the pyramids, the majority of processed glass was used underling the efficiency and eco-friendliness of this unique installment.

Continuing deeper, the Atrium, our luminous fire pit gives a welcoming home feeling of consequential W Lounge enhanced by a set of magical light Chinese lanterns. On top a large oval light was installed in one of the meeting rooms. We used our slumped textures glass.


The AWAY Spa

Located within the W Hotel, the AWAY Spa will just dazzle you. Entering the spa area, you will be embraced by one of our greatest, and yet technically demanding project – The Big Drop. This monumental dynamic glass light sculpture, in a diameter of 8.2 meters and height almost 2 meters, boasts with more than a thousand of little lamps ending with a large water drop underlined by a plentiful amount of colour combinations. Up to 99 colour programmes easily accessible from a mobile device gives this luxurious area a possibility of an atmosphere switch in just couple of seconds.

Completing the lighting design of the AWAY Spa, our popular Symphony components were used in changing rooms. These refined crystal tubes are a combination of metal coating and cutting, which, by themselves, are two commonly used techniques. But with this new unusual combination a unique diamond pattern was created.