Sheremetyevo Airport

Russia, 2018

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport is located 29 km northwest of central Moscow. With more than 40 millions handled passengers in 2017, it is the busiest airport in Russia.

We are honored that Sans Souci was chosen to bring into being the main sculptural lightning element for the new departures lounge dedicated to VIP clients. We are equally proud to note that our involvement in this project was as seamless and fast as a smooth flight. Indeed, the production was launched in January 2018, and come April, our installation was successfully completed.

The luxurious space we were invited to embellish is characterized by soothing earthy tones and mostly rounded shapes ideally suited for providing a relaxing atmosphere to unwind in the midst of travel-related bustle. As the centerpiece for this décor, our lighting sculpture maintains the natural theme, and yet adds a vivid touch. We wished to materialize a resolutely modern take on the eternal symbol of the tree.

The tree symbolism has certainly been powerful since time immemorial, with a universal appeal across cultures, religions and philosophical traditions. The archetype of the world tree, be it in the form of tree of life or tree of knowledge, has been depicted innumerable times, always reaching up to the sky. Our artwork retains this uniting feature, symbolizing the connection between heaven and earth as well as the interconnectedness of all forms of creation.

Imposing in size and intricate in its constitution (made of 650 components), this oeuvre still emanates airiness and finesse thanks to its design and handcrafted constituents. Our hand-blown Bohemian glass was shaped by wooden mould and adorned with the soda effect inside the optical pattern. In this case, even if the overall effect is impressive, it is definitely worthy to have a closer look at the details – the precision and finishing epitomize our craft.