Sans Souci & ANCA

Milano, Italy

Sans Souci & ANCA

This year’s Milan Design Week proved an exceptionally exciting and productive one, particularly for our artists and designers at Sans Souci. Together with ANCA, India’s premier luxury furniture brand, we were able to offer an exhibit that tantalized visitors’ senses through vibrant color, visual artistry and an overall immersive experience created by the profoundly harmonious marriage of fine furniture and lighting design.

Many of the visitors were transported by our Classical line, but our main theme of sheer elegance was complemented by the integration of a few edgier modern touches. From the classical chandelier that in many ways took center stage with its hand-cut glass and stunning presence, to the simpler and more contemporary look of the light fixtures reminiscent of floating metallic bowls, we blended a sense of timelessness with a nod to the future of lighting.

ANCA’s designs in tandem with our unique lighting creations really did help to solidify our combined display as one of the most talked about of the event. We have welcomed with great enthusiasm the interest that our light installations on exhibit elicited. Moreover, we were equally pleased by numerous inquiries regarding our new projects currently in the works.

Salon del Mobile 2018

The event itself is aimed at showcasing the best and latest in furnishings, design, innovation, and accessories. Beginning in 1961, the fair has since grown, attracting designers and manufacturers from around the world. It is nowadays one of the leading events of its kind. As it encompassed the entire city (running from April 17-22), exhibitors were located at a variety of venues. The Sans Souci/ANCA stand was located at: ANCA´S – HALL 04, E01-E07.

Our exhibit represented a luxurious take on how an interior could be transformed. Partnering with ANCA for this design week was an easy choice. Delivering amazingly intricate and sophisticated furnishings since 1985, the company has a reputation for uniting a flawless aesthetic with an eye on comfort and functionality. Given that our own philosophy is grounded in beauty, function and transformation, we hoped that a joint stand with ANCA would translate a truly harmonious marriage of furniture with lighting design. Following the reactions of our visitors, we deem that our choice was propitious and this collaboration proved to be fruitful. Another Milan Design Week, another incredibly satisfying show!