The Ritz-Carlton

Berlin, 2019

The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin embodies the beauty born of combining different elements. The luxury hotel reflects Berlin’s golden age with its Art Deco design and crisscrosses motifs, a nod to its location on Germany’s famous Potsdamer Platz. 

The new design of this project intended to highlight the atmosphere of the Hollywood and Art Deco era. Being charged with the responsibility of redesigning an all-time ultimate destination for guests in cooperation with the GA Design and Licht 01 was a unique challenge for us. 

The main entrance and the lobby of the hotel attract the guest’s attention as the Starburst components are shining brightly through the whole interior. Would you say this lighting fixture was inspired by the paparazzi camera of the Golden era of Marlene Dietrich and other glamorous actors? 

However creating a modern and vibrant tea lounge the simple design of Space Balls and has given a new dimension to space: the play of contrast with silver and brass nano-coating finish have subtle references to that Golden age, but with a modern twist.

As a dominant piece of the Den of Heaven, the Bowls, a light fixture with a metallic coating highlight the luxury ambiance of this hotel. Cold white combined with warm gold tones, these eye-catching embellishments exhibit the lavish approach of decoration.⁠⠀