Reflections of Craft

Maison et Objet - Paris, France

Reflections of Craft

Paris, France

We have combined two of the most traditional crafts and materials known in the history of mankind. Glass and wood: so different, yet in a perfect harmony with one another. Despite their contrast, the icy beauty of glass and the cozy warmth of wood make a pleasing match for one another, creating a harmonious whole that looks so natural there can be no doubt about their ability to co-exist.

Wooden floors and wall panels engage in a lively communication with luxurious decorative lighting. They accentuate its beauty, create a background for it and hint at what impression they will jointly create in your interior. They can co-exist in the bold contrast of light and dark, or in the gentle line of tone-on-tone. Simply anyone can find their personality in the parade of glass and wood and reflect it in interior design.

The showcase of modern light fixtures is based on the latest trend – metallic coating. The visual dominance of the optical pattern is so pronounced that it looks best with simple shapes and colours: clear crystal, milky opal or dark black.

As usual, hand-blowing was the prevalent method used in producing the light fixtures. It is how the ‘Bowls’ light object was produced as well as the ‘Skittles’ wall sculpture and the ‘Space Balls’ light fixture. “Contrary to custom, we rotated the bowls ninety degrees and suspended them so that the convex parts faced one another. It created a wave that is very elegant and, at the same time, pleasantly disordered. We complemented the light sculpture with a wall decoration made up of the same component, thereby responding to one of the trendiest requirements of interior designers,” said Katarína Kotuláčová and Pavel Výtisk, Sans Souci designers and the authors of the fixtures.

Glass balls, which are the central component of the ‘Space Balls’ light fixture by Jiří Krišica, are among the most popular glass elements ever. The simple design with one side cut off has given them a new dimension: the possibility to play with contrast, applying different colours to the outer shell and the inner wall.

The concept behind the ‘Symphony’ light fixture is based on a unique combination of two well-known techniques. “I was looking for a way of reinventing a well-known component, the crystal tube. I made use of our new nano coating technology, thanks to which the tube becomes a luxurious piece of glass. The design is spectacular for its diamond cut in the coated layer. By gradually cutting the layer off, a gentle gradient was produced, which is an impressive decorative feature close up,” explains Jiří Krišica, a Sans Souci designer, what his intentions were.

As soon as you lay your eyes on the ‘Forks’ light fixture by Katarína Kotuláčová, you see how different it is from the rest. “I wanted to show that there is a host of other techniques besides traditional hand-blowing that you can use and that allow you to achieve entirely new, innovative designs. Flat glass is ideal for this as you can cut it into various shapes, sand, fuse, coat, apply a combination of techniques – simply experiment,” says the Sans Souci designer.