KPM Health Centre

Hong Kong, 2018

KPM Health Centre

Qualified as one of the largest health centres in Hong Kong, and the leader in several medical fields, KPM embodies an oasis of care and healing that is recognized for offering premium and comprehensive experience to it’s clients.

Studio Massari led the interior design efforts for this project, displaying the tradition of handmade workmanship and exceptional finishing that has distinguished Italian design for the past 50 years. In this same spirit, we partnered to translate their theme into a most compelling technical realization.

The glass artwork produced for the spacious waiting room was designed to enliven this restful and soothing environment. In line with our client’s vision, our sculpture is depicting a beautiful coral reef featuring a sea anemone surrounded by a school of fish.

We devised the anemone tentacles thanks to hand-blown tendrils of varying sizes, the longest in the installation reaching over 1,3 m. Each individual fish represents a handmade artistic piece in itself, with amber and crystal layers applied on opal glass and one side treated by a nano-coating technology for a metallic finish.

We utilized four decoration techniques including silvering and amber coloring to achieve the most naturally organic, visual appearance. We also opted for a tone-on-tone approach to best reflect the shades present in nature.

On a symbolical level, the golden fish are associated with such auspicious notions as happiness, abundance and healing in Asian culture. With our contribution, we endeavored to the best of our ability to reflect this kind of atmosphere in the KPM Centre.