Resorts World Jeju

Korea, 2018

Jeju Shinhwa World

Progressively opening since 2017, the Jeju Shinhwa World project is becoming one of South Korea’s largest integrated resorts spanning across 2.5 million square meters. Situated on the Jeju island, which had been designated as a site of significance by UNESCO in 2010.

In this magical setting, we successfully solidified yet another fruitful cooperation with Wilsons Associates for their client – Resorts World.

We were entrusted with providing decorative light features for the voluminous open space at the entrance of the establishment that encompasses the foyer, the lounge and the reception desks’ area. To accentuate the overall feel of the interior decor and to ensure a cohesive theme among our glass artworks, we selected a palette of autumn coloring to natural shapes.

Our principal design in this project is named Crystal Rain, since it imitates a gentle rain that appears to be showering the trees positioned underneath. This installation comprised of 2900 handmade glass pieces does not only impress in size, but by the contrasting effect of the transparent crystal, nano-coated and mother-of-pearl adorned components.

A spherical shape was implemented in our design creation for the lounge. Forming three impressive glass globes, the handmade components in various shades of amber are complemented by those with a golden metallic finish to convey a genuinely luxurious sensation. The inspiration for this artwork originated in the image of a field of Canola flowers.

For our final design, we conceived delicate objects evoking leaves fluttering in the autumn wind. Made of sandblasted glass with mother-of-pearl touches, each unique piece is deftly attached on wire strands so that the ensemble constitutes a wave. The resulting sculpture display a dynamic quality, revitalizing the two opposing reception areas.