Glass Glamour collection Sleep 2017

London, UK

Glass Glamour collection

Glass Glamour is a celebration of success, sparkle and precision. Be captivated by metallic nano-coating finishes and inspired by the latest trends in glass-making; ideal wow-factor set pieces which grace luxury hotels the world over.

Sans Souci is a Czech producer of bespoke lighting fixtures which brings unique splendours to interiors all around the world. The company gives glass new forms of expression – as demonstrated by its four fixtures that were introduced at the show. The latest collection acquisition launched at Sleep, entitled ‘Lure’, is designed the lead designer Katarina Kotulacova.  Lines made of tiny crystal glass plates, with an optical pattern, create glamorous veils which are as enticing as gold. Viewers will be equally blown away by the ‘Flying Leaves’ design; a mix of individually hand-shaped and precisely crafted amber leaves with additional leaves featuring a captivating nano-coated gold finish.

Sleep is Europe’s hotel design, development and architecture event. Exposition stand DG15 is located at the SPACES section of the show, situated at the Gallery Hall.