Fashion showroom in India

India, Delhi

Fashion showroom in India

Delhi, India

Sans Souci lighting fixtures have come to represent the Bohemian glass in the 170 sqm showroom of the Indian designer Ashish Soni. The luminaires, made exclusively in the Czech Republic, enhance the presentation of luxurious fabrics and interior accessories. Each of them has its own distinct style, yet the overall impression is that of a compact presentation of current trends. The popular metallic colours stand out thanks to the simple shapes of the hand-blown components. Solitary pendants in the form of sweets contrast with the enormous lighting object accompanied by an artistic wall sculpture. Besides the modern installations, the showroom also features a traditional crystal light fixture.

The Ashish N Soni fashion boutique is located at a lucrative address at Defence Colony – an affluent locality to the south of Delhi that is home to high-end shops, classy restaurants and the showrooms of world-renowned brands.

Flacons by Kateřina Lenikusová

Modern Flacons from the Giant Jewellery collection were inspired by traditional cut-glass baskets. Their iconic shape was created of a compact, hand-blown component. Octagons in the lower part were replaced with cuts in the shapes of lenses. The combination of a smooth shape with a simple cut and metallic appearance places the basket among modern pendants. This luminaire was produced using a special kind of the overlaying technique, which only the top glass-makers know how to use today. They are painted with real gold and platinum.


Without having undergone any substantial or perceptible changes in their appearance, high-class crystal chandeliers have retained popularity for not only decades, but centuries. As a luminaire, ‘Felicity’ represents grace in its purest form. It is composed of clear crystal, a staple of Bohemian glass-making and a symbol of luxury since the 16th century.

Bolids by Jiří Svoboda

When combining wall design with a lighting installation, it is possible to apply hand-blown components in a non-traditional way. The wall artwork is composed of shapes produced in a furnace, with each component hand-blown and free formed. Therefore, each piece within the sculpture is entirely unique in shape, making it all the more impressive. The contrasting combination of black and silver is a perfect match to the waves breaking on the ceiling nearby.

Folded Foam by Martin Lukačka

The simple shape of the bubble component conceals considerable sophistication, allowing for the application of a vast number of colours, metallic effects, surface refinements and shape compositions. Taking advantage of this flexibility, we created a four-meter long, wave-shaped light sculpture consisting of six hundred bubbles. As the day contrasts with the night, so do the clear crystal and black components of this lighting piece. The glow of the wave is multiplied by the random interweaving of metallic silver bubbles.

Fashion Designer ASHISH SONI

Ashish Soni launched his label in 1991, followed by his own independent design studio Ikos Designs in 1993. In the same year, he became the first Indian designer to hold a solo showing in Delhi.

His greatest achievements include embroideries for The House of Francois Lasage, Paris, an exclusive collection to commemorate the Millennium celebrations of the Khajuraho temples, and the participation in the New York Fashion Week. At present, he is expanding his designer portfolio to include interior decorations.

Ashish is known for his sharply refined and deceptively simple sense of aesthetics. His signature lines are characterized by extreme simplicity, flawless lines, immaculate cuts and a perfect finish. His panache and originality, his intuitive and distinctive sense of style, combine with impeccable garment construction to create stunningly simple yet dramatic garments.