Milan, Italy


Milan, Italy

Glam up your interior with jewels!

This is the motto that accompanied the unveiling of the collection of interior decorations entitled Giant Jewellery.

“I love wearing jewellery. It turns even the most ordinary of outfits into something original. This is where I found a common denominator with lighting objects, which significantly contribute to the overall look of the interior. Why not scale up jewellery several times and adorn a luxury interior with it?” explains the author of the concept, Katarína Kotuláčová, what inspired the collection.

In terms of production, the collection is based on two different approaches. Some of the concepts apply traditional hand-blowing. This is how the perfume bottle-inspired ‘Flacons’ by Kateřina Lenikusová and the giant necklace ‘Pearls’ by Katarína Kotuláčová were made. In addition, the gold-painted ‘Flacons’ were made using the overlaying technique in a way that only the top glass-makers can.

Besides traditional hand-blowing, the newest 2D CNC machines were used. This is how the futuristic wall decoration ‘Brooch’ and the technicist light fixture ‘Earrings’ were made. As the designer Martin Lukačka says: “Visually, I wanted to take an entirely different route. This is why I designed objects that combine technical and decorative features. I did not hide the technical features and applied vacuum plating to achieve attractive metallic colours. Given that the plated layers are translucent, the lighting object looks different on and off.”

Entirely different from the four lighting objects above is the ‘Bracelet’, also by Martin Lukačka. The designer used the well-established and always-in-demand bead curtain which he put on a screen in a polygon-inspired shape made of glittering bronze cloth.

The concepts were accompanied by light fixtures in different scales, lamps and wall sconces, which make up a comprehensive family of fixtures. You can download the Giant Jewellery brochure here.

The Giant Jewellery brochure to download