Downtown Design

Dubai, 2018

Downtown Design

We are delighted to announce that Sans Souci’s presence at the 6thedition of Downtown Design, held in Dubai on November 13th– 16th, was exceptional in several regards.

Firstly, we were honored with the privilege to provide a lighting installation for the adornment of the main entrance of the exhibition. A seductively-shaped design of 2,000 hand-blown amber and crystal glass plates, with an optical pattern and a brass nano-coating finish. Our bespoke oeuvre enticed the eyes by sparkling like gold and stirred the soul like a luxurious gift wrapped with heartfelt sentiment.

Secondly, we have devised a truly unique and innovative design for our stand.

Inspired by the theme of hidden beauty, it conceptualized a partly unveiled secret, with no walls … 

Last but not least, this remarkable space displayed 7 of our novel lighting exhibits, made of Bohemian Crystal, that were launched internationally at this event.

We hope that you appreciated our special effort for this fair, which showcases the latest interior trends and international design brands of distinction.

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