Diversity - Collection - Euroluce 2017

Milan, Italy

Diversity Collection

Glass is versatile and full of life. It offers endless possibilities of shapes, colours, optical effects or combinations with other materials. It is pure and fiery, delicate and flamboyant, organic as well as geometric. You only need to give it direction. Through your taste and the mood and courage to experiment. As part of the Diversity exhibition, Sans Souci shows the multiple forms of glass in compositions of light fixtures, which are but a mere fragment of the actual possibilities.

The exhibition combines various shapes and sizes of components with the ambition to inspire creativity. The giant and massive pieces exploit the optical strength of glass, while the delicate and subtle ones its fragile beauty. They are arranged in smooth as well as disordered compositions and adapted to reflect the possibilities of the interior and imagination.

A part of the exhibition remains loyal to clear crystal – a timeless material that has complemented luxurious light fixtures as long as people can remember. It goes well with classical as well as modern pieces, and its purity looks best on hand-blown components, in a mass of glass that multiplies its force many times over. Counter to this are contrasting and bright colour variations. They are created by metal coatings whose visual dominance is so pronounced that it looks best on simple and organic shapes, in combination with crystal, milky white or deep black.

The illusionist composition ‘Aurora’ adds another dimension to the variability of glass. Inspired by polar lights – the fascinating, yet very rare phenomenon in our latitutes –  the fixture sets a celestial play into motion. Using programmed light sources, it puts on a pulsating light show of different-coloured fans, rays or drapes.