Curio Mall of Qatar

Doha, 2018

AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton

Belonging to the Curio Collection by Hilton Hotels and Resorts, a handpicked compilation of unforgettable hotels in the world’s most sought-after destinations, this exceptional establishment is ideally located at the Al Rayyan Gate and directly connected to the Mall of Qatar. With this all-inclusive facility taking pride in its chic and timeless décor, we were understandably honored to contribute by our refined lightning artwork tailored for each particular space.

Starting with the lobby, our glass sculpture entitled Splash certainly draws attention thanks to its bold coloration and the abstract styling of the moment when an object lands on the surface of water. However, this feat of design should not overshadow the noteworthy technical elements at play. This artwork not only results from a highly unconventional combination of slumped and hand-blown glass, but also from a challenging production process mastered for yielding a single piece that attains 130 cm in length.

Visiting a beauty lounge, we usually tend to feel divine. In order to illuminate this locale in a style matching such exquisite emotion, we developed a design in half-sphered shape resembling a luminous dome. It is constituted by hand-blown glass globes, which were then gently modeled by hand, and consequently acquired a unique character. They incorporate led sources and were assembled in curved lines creating a fountain effect.

To embellish the ballroom, we literally provided rows of bouquets of calla lilies.  All of these hand-blown glass flowers are one of a kind, with a glass filament hand-wound around the trumpet-shaped base. The sense of purity arising from the transparent glass is refreshed by the randomly interspersed colored elements.

For the relaxation corner, we waved these flowery components to sculpt aremarkable chandelier. The golden plate holding the glass installation is naturally mirroring the coffee table beneath it and the dark shader perfectly fits with the shade of the architectural features delimiting this area while bringing forth a contrasting, softening round shape.