Crystal trophy SBID Design Awards 2017

Crystal trophies for SBID Design Awards 2017

London, UK

For the fifth year, Sans Souci has supported and is a partner of the SBID International Design Awards held by SBID – Society of British & International Design in London. For this year, our glass masters have created a yellow crystal glass trophies.

The crystal trophies were produced by the skilled hands of Czech glass-makers. Emphasising a high level of detail, the execution of the trophies reflects the years of experience, skill and patience of these master craftsmen. The crystal optical block, which had been melted down for several days to remove visible impurities, was cut with the utmost precision. Cuts were applied to each square centimetre gradually in six steps. Using a felt wheel made of camel bristles, the trophies were finally polished to the highest level of brilliance. The resulting facets are thus imbued with unprecedented brilliance and create visually stunning refractions and reflections.

An overall winner Award was also awarded to the project that came out on top after an amalgamation of the judge’s choices and the public votes had been considered. All of the winners and finalists are featured in The Global Interior Design 2017 coffee table book.

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