SBID International Design Awards 2015

London, UK

SBID International Design Awards

London, UK

We shared the joy of those who received an award for accomplishing a remarkable feat of design in 2015, with the SBID International Design Awards accompanied by our crystal trophies for the third year running.

It was the third we had become an important sponsor of the SBID International Design Awards, one of the highest accolades in the interior design industry. As sponsors, we stood alongside world-renowned companies such as ABB Group, Natuzzi Italia, Maison & Objet and Wools of New Zealand.

This year, we were yet again the provider of the winners’ awards: crystal trophies. As the event was marked by the shades of palm green and aquamarine, green was selected as the trophies’ supplementary colour.

The crystal trophies were produced by the skilled hands of Czech glass-makers. Emphasising a high level of detail, the execution of the trophies reflects years of experience, the skill and patience of these master craftsmen. The crystal optical block, which had been melted down for several days to remove visible impurities, was cut with the utmost precision. Cuts are applied to each square centimetre gradually in six steps. Using a felt wheel made of camel bristles, the trophies are finally polished to the highest level of brilliance. This is why the facets produced stand out with unprecedented brilliance and create visually stunning refractions and reflections.

In order to accent the globe as a symbol of worldwide design, individual continents were worked using the sandblasting technique, thanks to which they stand out optically against the glossy surface. Small plates glued to the front and bottom of the trophy’s base also give rise to fascinating visual effects. They were attached using a special UV glue, the most significant quality of which is the same refractive index as that of glass, which is why the joints are invisible. The logo of the host organisation SBID is placed in the lower part of the base and, viewed from different angles, creates impressive reflections in the cut sides. To preserve the subtlety and the high level of detail of the inscription, it was sandblasted using the finest of sands.

This year, the SBID International Design Awards received entries from 41 countries including South Korea, Egypt, Qatar, Scandinavia, Canada, Taiwan, Russia, New Zealand and many more. The crystal trophies will be awarded to the winners of the 14 categories. These range from the best Healthcare Design, Retail Design and Intelligent Design to the best KBB Project, Public Space and Visualisation.

About SBID International Design Awards

The SBID International Design Awards has come to be regarded as one of the highest accolades in the interior design industry. Each category undergoes a two-tier judging process by panels of leading industry experts. The past Awards received entries from over 30 countries, across 5 continents around the world.

About SBID (Society of British International Design)

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is the leading accrediting organisation for the interior design industry in the UK. The organisation supports the profession locally, nationally and internationally and is part of a global network of 50,000 designers who are professionally accredited. SBID has been selected by the 16 nation members of the European Council of Interior Architects and the NCIDQ in the USA and Canada to represent their professional accreditation standards in Britain.