SBID International Design Awards 2013

London, UK

Sans Souci is the exclusive supplier of the Trophies for SBID Awards

London, UK

Czech company Sans Souci has become the exclusive supplier of the Trophies conferred within SBID International Awards. It is an honor that over the next three years we would actively participate in the organization of this prestige event on interior design field. We are pleased to demonstrate through the Trophies the quality and fame of the Czech glass, its unrivaled excellence in today’s competitive days.

The brief on the Trophy design was to respect their SBID visual continuity with the previous two years of the competition. Therefore, the Trophy retained its basic characteristic shape. We have been asked, on the other hand, to give a touch of our brand and artistic company expression on details, which suppose to distinguish the new Trophy from the last years at the first glance.

We suggested modifications, such as different color way, variations of techniques as sandblasting and cutting, 3D laser treatment, finally we analyzed visual effects of different inscription and logotype location. Proposals attracted with sophisticating color and light refractions. Combination of crystal and cobalt blue, creating a blue rainbow in different angles, was one of the key design elements. Interestingly, our designers presented the very first visualization of the Trophy in blue what turned out to be the theme of this year’s ceremony. We all took it as a lucky sing…

The Trophy so is an effect of the precise handwork, modern and traditional glass technology. Its body and base are made of a solid block of optical crystal. This block of glass for decorative treatment has been melted for several days to remove any visible impurities. Then smaller pieces were cut out of the block, these ones of which the final forms would be made. This part of the process involves very diligent and hard work that requires a lot of patience and time. Cutting is applied gradually in six steps on each square centimeter of the surface. At the penultimate stage the surfaces are roughly polished on a poplar disc using volcanic pumice (volcanic ash). To achieve the highest brilliance conventional polishing with felt wheel made of camel hair is included. Six-step hand cutting fully exploits optical properties of the crystal glass. The facets, as the effect, stand out with their unprecedented brilliance, light plays on the surfaces, refracts and reflects itself.

The globe is made of soda-lime glass in cobalt blue. By the proposed design we intended to emphasize excellence of individual continents, international language of design with no boundaries, therefore, we omitted the parallels and meridians. The continents are sandblasted.

The largest facet of the obelisk, the front plate, and the bottom of the base are made of the same soda lime glass, colour cobalt blue. These are glued to the back glass members, obelisk and base, with a special UV glue designed for glass surfaces. Its major characteristic is its refractive index, similar to glass, making the joints completely invisible.

Inscription on the base front, name of the winner and category, is sanded with the finest sand to maintain the softness and detailed refinement of letters. Logo of SBID located underneath the base mirrors itself in the facets.

Having worked on the Trophy Sans Souci expressed experience, artistic skills and love for glass, which makes the Company still present on the luxury market. We hope that holding this piece you will admire and adore this beautiful craft as much as we do.