Babel - a Parachute Light Fixture

by Jiří Krišica

Babel – a Parachute Light Fixture

by Jiří Krišica

The seemingly simple component resembling a parachute reflects the strength of the art of glass-making. For the pieces to fit together and create a smooth tangle, they must be completely identical in shape. As the component is hand-made, this requires extraordinary skill and the utmost precision on the part of the glass-maker.

In creating this charming light fixture, the designer Jiří Krišica found inspiration in a parachute – the absolute freedom and liberty, endless view and soothing silence as you glide towards the ground from several kilometres up in the air. Get inspired and let you place become a landing spot for a small or large cluster, an orderly line or just a couple of solitary pendants.


Light Fixture dimensions: Dia 700 x H 1700 mm
Component dimensions: Dia 220 x H 350 mm