ABN Residence

Hyderabad, 2018

ABN Residence

This splendid private residence is located in Hyderabad, one of the major Indian agglomerations and the capital of the state of Telangana.

For our client ABN Interiors and in collaboration with the architecture studio Urban Zen and project partner Uber Projects, our task consisted in providing a lighting sculpture as the outstanding decorative object for the main entrance.

From the beginning, our client expressed a strong liking for one of our All Time Favorite designs – the Diamonds. Incidentally, the parallel with the city of Hyderabad being historically known as a pearl and diamond-trading center is quite compelling here.

Our universal yet original component offers a true diapason of options: it can be arranged in numerous shapes as diverse as flowers or geometric forms, or reflect pure abstraction both in 2D and 3D installations. The glittering rhomboids fit together as a mosaic, giving birth to organic patterns evocative of those one can see through a kaleidoscope.

In this project, our client equally suggested the desired composition, and our duo of designers Katarina Lukackova with Martin Opl helped to find the optimal way to materialize the metamorphosis of this simple component into the envisioned bespoke work of art.  Conceptualizing a generous space with high ceilings, the final outcome was meant to become imposing while simultaneously eliciting a feeling of breezy, almost weightless, abundance.

The glittering effect of this installation is multiplied by combining the surface cut with metallic coloring. The silver shade proved to be the best fit here, but the available choices span in hues from bronze to black.

Arranged in unexpected patterns, our delicate Diamonds with a touch of intricacy in the surface detailing weave a mesmerizing magic when welcoming visitors.

Flat glass prisms finished with nano-coating treatment and engraving. A total of 435 components were employed.