Crystal prisms resembling the iconic shape of the DIFC

It is not by coincidence that the crystal prisms forming light fixtures in the DIFC skyscrapers strongly resemble the iconic shape of the buildings known as the Central Park Towers.

“We wanted to use a prism which, as a component, is very popular with the lovers of pure, straightforward design. We worked with our client to find a feature that would make the prism more special and whereby we would offer a concept promoting the uniqueness of the interior. In the end we were inspired by the shapes of the skyscrapers to such extent that we reflected them in the shapes of the crystal components,” explains Katarína Kotuláčová, a Sans Souci designer. The ice-resembling prisms have their surfaces engraved and the edges cut. It is these features that, in the entire composition and in perfect harmony with light, give rise to spectacular lighting effects.

The light fixtures composed of prisms illuminate the public spaces of the International Finance Centre residential and office tower in Dubai. The Central Park Towers complex is located in the close vicinity of the highest building on Earth, Burj Khalifa.

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