Biennale Architettura 2016

Art Installation for Biennale Architettura Reflects the Colourful Beauty of Venice

The craftsmanship of Czech glass-makers, new versus traditional technologies, and the current trend in unusual applications of fabrics. All of these represent the designer installation ‘Riflessioni-Venezia’ which has been created in cooperation between the Czech company Sans Souci, the Italian company SoFarSoNear and the British designer Katherine Richards.

The glass sculpture is surrounded by luxury fabrics which, through their classical design, give you the impression of having been taken far back into the past. However, the use of modern technologies and the composition made up of pure copper fibres stand as clear proof of advancement and the presence of the 21 century. The same holds true for the glass sculpture. The traditional, hand-blown components showcase a parade of modern glass-decorating techniques. The basis is formed by clear crystal that has been refined in multiple ways. “We have drawn on the current trends, which have embraced metallic shades – silver, golden and copper. By combining them with metal coatings of varying degrees of opacity, silvering, soda, optical patterns or sandblasting, we have given rise to a wide range of optical effects: either gently complementing or sharply contrasting, yet in both cases perfectly matching the colourful luxury fabrics,” explains Martin Lukačka, author of the glass sculpture and a Sans Souci designer, what his intention was.

The extravagant installation was created in close cooperation with Katherine Richards, who had let herself be inspired by the beauty of Venice: “I’d been thrilled by the opportunity to create something unexpected – an artwork that combines the moment of surprise with bright colours, giving the fabrics by SoFarSoNear and the glass sculpture by Sans Souci a dramatic and extravagant effect,” said Katherina Richards. “I was watching the incredibly vast range of colours permeating Venice and the electric blue bodies of gondolas and realised that glass and fabrics will be perfect for capturing this spectacle.”

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