Pavel Baxa

“Being a visual artist is not work, but joy from self-fulfillment.”


I have wanted to be an inventor ever since I was little. As time went by, my wish to innovate combined with an interest in design and esthetics, which led me to become a designer. I have designed jewellery since the start of my career and, over time, I have started designing interiors as well. Among my favourite materials are stone, glass and metal, all of which have been present in my works my whole life. Even today, at a time of advanced IT programmes, I still start every assignment with a sketchbook and a propelling pencil.

Projects I am proud of:

  • The War of Independence Victory Column, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Private Residence, Moscow, Russia – technical solutions combining stone and glass
  • Design concept for sculptures inspired by a section through a camera, with an in-built projector
  • Private Residence, Dubai, UAE – design and realization of interior features (railings, fountain, light fixtures, stairs, gate and stained-glass windows)