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Crystal curtains in the Intourist Hotel

Intourist Hotel, Baku

We equipped the Intourist Hotel in Baku with effective crystal curtains. Spanning 15 square metres, the sparkling wave in the lobby creates an impression of absolute lightness, whereas in the B&B Restaurant, a crystal rain descends on the heads of guests. Project gallery...

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New Catalogue “Light deLight”

We have published a new lighting design catalogue entitled ''Light deLight''! You can find inspiration there, get a glimpse of glass production, or just take pleasure in browsing it. The modern light fixtures, lighting objects and glass architectural features are true cherries on top of our craft. If you have any requests or questions, do not hesitate to leave us…...

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Euroluce 2015

We are delighted to present our brand new collection The Giant Jewellery. It was inspired by jewellery - its elegance, beauty, and originality. We transformed it into light fixtures and a wall decoration that possess the same traits. In order to become the jewels of the interior in a literal sense, they were refined by surface glazing and metallic colours,…...

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